WestWorks Live is a live production company based in Lancaster, Calif. Founder Dave "Mighty Mouse" West started out in 1981 setting up shows with his mother at the local watering holes. After several years, knowing enough to be dangerous, it was time to jump in with both feet.

In 1996 another opportunity presented itself: working the fair and festival scene as a deck hand for Semus and Assoc. Productions. After three years, Mouse left as a stage manager and went on to tour the California Fair circuit with Speeda Sound, a company based out of Fresno, Calif. It didn't take long for Mouse to realize that this wasn't his cup of tea. After several months, Mouse returned home to find a position at a local performing arts center

In 2000, the sign was officially hung on the door, WestWorks Live. WestWorks Live is a company that specializes in booking live bands for a variety of venues as well as providing mobile DJ service.  With the reputation for being prompt, professional, and caring, WestWorks Live quickly established a clientele in the cities of Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill and later, throughout the greater Los Angeles area:, large corporations, military functions, schools, fairs and festivals, and an overabundance of night club work. We have a relationship with a variety of vendors so no gig is to big or small for WestWorks Live!!