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WestWorks Live is a company that specializes in booking live bands for a variety of venues, providing sound reinforcement, mobile DJ services, as well as our video production services. Contact us with the details of your event so we can create a quote tailored to your specific needs.

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Dave West, aka Mouse, is a stand up audio guy! West Works Live has been an important piece to making our Live music venue what it has become today, from nothing at all before. Dave and Lorraine’s willingness to make the experience better for our customers has made our experience with him a huge success! For all your audio needs, I suggest using West Works Live! Tim A.  07/15/2017       

The owner operators are very experienced professionals.They are always on time (early) and ready to go! Their equipment is top notch. Linda W. April 14, 2017  

 I cannot say enough good things about Westworks Live!I highly recommend Westworks Live for any venue or occasion. Knowledgeable, prompt, and professional, they are a great choice. Mike K. December 15, 2016   


I hired Dave "Mighty Mouse" West for a special appearance at the historic "Roxy" on the Sunset Strip. Dave's reputation as a professional sound engineer cannot be overstated. His knowledge, equipment, and incredible work ethic, even at a high stakes venue like the historic "Roxy," was simply amazing! The other two bands that performed "The Strips and Dead Poet Society" could not have been more impressed and complimentary of Dave's overall knowledge and understanding of what equipment was needed and where to strategically place the sound equipment. Dave then monitored each performers overall sound quality to provide the audience with an outstanding listening experience.   I will certainly be using "Mighty Mouse" for my future sound needs, and won't hesitate to recommend him to others!                                                        

"Rat Pack Ricky Medlin"  November 15, 2017

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